Masil-Astro-Imaging is the home for astro-photos taken by Sheldon Faworski & Sean Walker.
Sean works in Massachusetts and I live in Illinois, hence the name "MASIL".   We collaborate
on many of the images that are posted on this site. 

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Cosmic Buddy and now Sparky
Sparky has finally been added to the image with Buddy. Sparky is on the right. They were both half Lab and half Doberman and from different litters but, had the same parents. Both dogs came with me every time I did imaging in one of my two observatories and loved to chase some animals (there's plenty of Deer, Wild Turkey  etc. around my property) around before I got started. The Ha data for the above image "NGC 6960", was taken the night before Buddy died, and the RGB data was taken the night after he passed which was 7-13-04. Sparky passed on 11-30-05.