Midwest-2  Elizabeth, IL
East-1  Chester, NH
Faworski Astrograph

14.5" f/4.59 Newtonian
Paramount ME & ST10XE
Astro-Tech 66ED
ST8XE & G11
108mm f/4 Faworski Astrograph
Paramount 1100S & ST10XE
7" f/6 Mak-Newt
Millenium Mount
108mm F/4 Newtonian
Optics by Carton Opt. of
Epoxy Fiber Tube

Faworski Astrograph
Motorized Feathertouch
Motorized Featertouch
 Epoxy Fiber Tube
Faworski 10" f/3.76 Astrograph

Starlight Instruments
Feathertouch Focuser
which uses a curved base
Baader Coma Corrector
Handbox is powered by
4 AA Batteries
Plug can also work
in the Paramount
The bracket easily attaches
to the focuser. Different sized
O-Rings can be used by
rotating the motor.
The tubes I use are made
of spiral wound fiberglass
held together by epoxy resin.
These tubes are extremely
ridged. That's 260 lbs on that
 tube!  BTW, it was -8  when
the image  was taken.
This is my latest addition.
I  hope  to have some
images with it soon.

Faworski 10" f/3.76 Astrograph Faworski 10" f/3.76 Astrograph New setup in the East
The Latest Rig in the East
Faworski 8" f/3.68 Astrograph

Showing the Starlight Instruments
FeatherTouch Focuser
4.125" f/15 Refractor
attached to a PST body
12.5" f/5 Newtonian & 108mm
 f/4 Faworski Astrograph
Mounted on the
Paramount 1100S

Faworski 8" f/3.68 Astrograph New Planetary Setup
My M.E.'s Periodic Error
Latest Addition
Baader Coma Corrector

Spider Assembly
12.5" f/5 Newtonian The total is .4 of an arc second
6" f/3.65 Astrograph
I use the Baader Coma
 Corrector in my Astrographs
because of it's excellent
optical quality and I
especially like that it
doesn't change my f-ratio.

Dedicated Guider

65mm f/7 Semi-Apo Lens
Coupled directly to
Guiding Camera
(no focuser)